Our Classes 

Beginner Yoga classes are geared toward students who are new to yoga, or those who are new to the Iyengar method of teaching yoga. All ages and fitness levels are welcome and equipment is provided. 

Level I introduces inversions and simple back-bends to students. Classes are for students who have either completed the Beginner Yoga course, or who have had previous training in Iyengar Yoga.  If you have had training in another style of yoga, please call and speak with us about your experience to determine which level would best suit your abilities. 

Level II classes integrate yoga philosophy (Patanjali's Yoga Sutras) and pranayama (breathing practice). These classes are for students who are confident in coming up in head balance (sirsasana) and have experience in the Level I class.

Level I-III is a monthly 3-hour workshop with a different focus each month (please click here for workshop information and dates).  

Level III classes feature variations in headstands and shoulder stands, back-bends, forward-bends and twists of all kinds, and pranayama (breathing practice). These classes are for experienced students with a regular practice. 

Multilevel is open to all students who have completed our Beginner Yoga course, or who have experience in other styles of yoga.

50+ Yoga classes aim to address the flexibility, balance and stress needs of those who are 50 years or more.  The poses taught in this course are similar to those taught in the Beginner  course, but they are done with more support and with a gentler and more mindful approach.

50+ Level I Yoga classes are similar to the standard Level I course, but poses are taught with additional support tools, such as a rope wall. 

Wake-Up Yoga classes invite students to start their day with a sense of well-bring, mental clarity and a positive outlook. All levels of experience including beginners are welcome in this energizing class.  

Relax & Renew classes teach students to transform reactions to stress into life-affirming responses through restorative yoga, breathing practices, meditation and reflective exercises.  This class is not only designed for achieving greater peace of mind, but can also help with stress-related ailments: high blood pressure, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and more. All levels of experience are welcome!

Gentle Yoga: Come re-energize yourself in this class! The poses taught here are resting poses, as well as active stretches that open the chest,  loosen stiff shoulders, relax tired backs and refresh scattered or stressed minds.  No prerequisites are required for this class!

Vinyasa is a form of yoga for fitness! Open to beginners and experienced students alike,  poses are initially taught individually, then linked together in invigorating sequences that build strength and endurance.

Prenatal Yoga prepares mothers-to-be for a healthy pregnancy and birth experience by empowering them with meaningful knowledge about pregnancy, labor and self-care through the practice of yoga and healthy lifestyle. A wide range of topics are covered: normal physical and emotional changes during pregnancy; how one's yoga practice is adapted for each trimester; stress management and natural pain management during labor and delivery; growing a healthy baby through whole foods nutrition and by minimizing your exposure to toxic chemicals in food and personal care products and more!

Yoga Therapy classes are small-group classes that make it possible to address specific health issues.  Sequences of poses are selected for each individual based on their specific needs, such as for lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue or stress. Please contact us for more information. 

Individualized Yoga is a class designed with the individual's needs in mind. This private class can address specific performance goals or special needs. Please contact us to schedule a class.