30 Days to Healthy Living 

This program is designed to bring out the healthiest YOU by helping you to minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals in your food, and optimize your body's natural ability to detox. So whether you need to lose weight, improve your digestion, increase your resistance to cold and flu or increase your energy or mental clarity, this program can help you meet your goals. You will be assisted in your efforts with a closed Facebook page containing meal plans and recipes for vegetarians and meat eaters; education and encouragement; a forum for asking questions and the opportunity to hear about other people's experience while in the program.    

There are 5 elements in the first stage of the program (Day 1-28):

1. Eat Clean - eating whole foods free of preservatives, additives, 
    pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors and

2. Increase Nutritive Intake - eating whole foods and  
    supplementing with nutritionals formulated for maximum
    absorbency and nutrient uptake.

3. Remove Addictive and Allergic foods from your diet – remove  
    refined sugar, coffee, soda, dairy, soy, and gluten for 28 days
    and then add back individually to gauge their impact.

4. Balance Blood Sugar – eating low glycemic index foods to  
    reduce cravings and to sustain energy.

5. Support Eliminative Organs – kidney, liver, intestines and skin
    for maximal removal of waste and toxins.

All five areas are supported by nutritional lines that are certified vegan, free of gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

The second stage of the program (Month 2) involves adding back foods you eliminated to see their impact and discover your food sensitivities. (You are not able to see specific effects of certain foods until you eliminate them to decrease cellular inflammation and enhance optimal organ function).

The third stage of the program (Month 3) involves creating a sustainable diet for you and your family that incorporates clean wholefoods and healthy alternatives to the foods you reacted negatively to in stage 2. You are now ready to eat a clean whole foods diet free of dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, coffee and soda approximately 80% of the time and save your above favorite foods for special treats 20% of the time.    

There will be continual facebook support throughout the program with the majority of the education in the first 28 days. Pilot studies of this program indicate that the Bootcamp helped numerous people lose weight and inches, as well as help them to feel better, become more alert and energetic and experience fewer digestive problems.

* Bootcamps starts on the first Monday and Third Monday of each month. Watch for 30 days to Healthy Living Informational session and tasting each month and/or listen to the following recorded presentation to learn more about the program.

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