Paripurna Navasana 


Paripurna Navasana will benefit your body and mind in many ways. Through this pose you will strengthen the abdomen, hip flexors and spine. As an added bonus, this pose will help improve digestion.  

       First Stage

First, start sitting on the floor in dandasana with your legs stretched out in front of you. Press your hands into the ground slightly behind your hips with your fingers pointing towards your feet. Lift through the sternum and slightly lean back. While you are doing this be certain to keep your lower and upper back drawn in and up and not rounding out. Continue lifting through your torso so that you are sitting on the tripod of your two sitting ones and tailbone. 

      Second Stage

Next, bend your knees and lift your feet off of the floor so that your thighs are angled at about 45-50 degrees relative to the floor. Lengthen your tailbone into the floor and lift your pubis towards your navel and lift your chest. Hold the back of your thighs just above the knees and slowly straighten your legs, raising the tips of your toes slightly above eye level. If this is too tricky, keep your knees bent and lift shins until they are parallel to the floor. 

      Third Stage

Then, stretch your arms alongside your legs so that they are parallel to the floor. Spread your shoulder blades across your back and reach out through your finger tips. If you are unable to keep your back in and chest lifted or have difficulty staying upright, keep your hands pressed firmly into the ground beside your hips or hold onto the back of your knees. 

      In the Pose

Although the abdomen is firm, it should recede towards the spine and lift up but not grip and puff out. 

In the beginning, stay in this pose for 10-20 seconds, gradually increasing the time up to 1 minute. 

To come out, release your legs while exhaling and sit upright in dandasana on the inhalation

       Practice Notes

       Contraindications and Cautions