Suhil Zia

Suhil discovered yoga on June 14, 2013 with a suggestion of a friend to join him for a community yoga class. He got a hint of what this practice was all about in shavasana after a few classes. After that day, he dove head first into the cold water. He finished his 200 level teacher training in April 2015 and he is the owner of Morgantown Power Yoga since 2017. A few other things that Suhil loves to do are fishing, hiking, traveling, meditation, reading, sharing smiles, cooking and eating.  

Suhil’s yoga classes are a breath based power vinyasa flow that gives the practitioners the freedom to listen to themselves throughout the session. Each class is designed organically, at the same time, challenging, empowering and thawing you into your trustiness. Be ready to move your body, get sweaty and share your light with your community.