Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)  


This pose works many essential muscles like the legs, ankles, groin, chest, lungs, shoulders, spine, and abs. The benefits of the pose are that it will strengthen the legs, knees, and ankles. Another benefit comes from the twisting of the spine. Twisting is a way to cleanse and reduce stress within the abdominal area. This leads to better digestion through the stimulation of abdominal organs and a healthier body. It also enhances lung capacity and tones the muscles of the heart.

       First Stage

We start this pose from Tadasana, go to Utthia Hasta Padasna, then to Parsva Hasta Padasana, turning feet to the right first. Turn the right leg (this would be the thigh, knee, and shin) out while pressing the inner edge of your right foot down

      Second Stage

Next you press the outer edge of your left foot down and move the top of the left thigh back. Tighten both of your kneecaps. Inhale and lift the chest, and on exhalation bend at the hips and take right hand to shin (or to a block if need be). If you're using a block, then it should be right next to your ankle.

      Third Stage

Move your right hip to the left, toward your left leg, and lengthen the right side of your chest. Move the top of your left thigh back (towards the back of your thigh) and turn your chest forward and up towards the ceiling, but make sure to keep the right shoulder back. Stretch the arms away from each other. Lift and extend side ribs toward armpits, and lift sternum toward chin.

      In the Pose

Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. Come up from the pose by achoring in the back heel and reaching the top arm towards the ceiling. Repeat on other side.

       Practice Notes

If you feel unsteady, ue the wall to brace your back heel. For an increased challenge, align the front heel with the arch of the back foot. Blocks can also be used if your hand cannot reach the floor.

       Contraindications and Cautions

 If you suffer from heart a heart condition please practice against a wall adn keep the top arm on your hip. If you suffer from high blood pressure turn the gaze downward during the final stage of the pose. If you have neck pain, look straight ahead during the pose.