Vinyasa -- The Joy of Movement 

August 16, 2013: Vinyasa -- The Joy of Movement 

If asana is only practiced as static positions, then strengthening takes place primarily at the joint angles represented by those positions. The more varied the poses we practice, the greater the range of joint angles at which we strengthen (and at which we stretch). That is one way to practice. What is not emphasized in this mode of practice is the transition between fixed positions. Transition between any two positions requires letting go so that movement can take place, and accurate trajectories or aim, so that healthy alignments are maintained. Vinyasa emphasizes movement in two ways--one is moving carefully from one position to the next, the other is 'jumping,' or moving quickly. Each cultivates a unique physical capacity that complements the performance of static poses--each is enjoyable and meaningful in its own way. In this workshop we practice all three ways: static, flow, and ‘jumpings.’ There are no prerequisites, and this workshop is appropriate for those who practice flow Vinyasa, power yoga or Hatha yoga.