Vinyasa: Find Stillness Through Movement 

August 17, 2012 -- Vinyasa: Find Stillness through Movement

Yoga is the stilling the fluctuations of the mind, but how easy is it for us to still the mind?  Maybe not so easy for most of us!  And how do we get there?  One way is to still the body in resting poses that allow the mind to rest and become quiet (restorative practice, savasana).  Another way is to perform active poses that are held with stability, and with awareness of that stability, the qualities of stability and stillness then permeate the mind.  But what about moving from one pose the next in a dynamic way?  Can this quiet the mind too?  As many practitioners of vinyasa flow yoga will attest to, the answer is, paradoxically, yes!  In this workshop we will do various vinyasa sequences, with attention to how movement can create stillness, and how stillness is an expansion into, rather than a contraction from, a larger reality.