Wellness Workshop

January 6: Manage the Damage of the holidays with a 28 day detox bootcamp

January 13: Doterra Oils Workshop Essential Oils Basics

Discover modern uses for ancient essential oils and learn how to use them to improve your health and mood.  Learn the three basic ways to use the oils and discover the benefits of choosing oils or prescription medications.  

January 20: Essential Oils for Improved Mood and Energy 

Discover why nutrition is critical to building brain chemicals and balancing mood and how essential oils can aid in this process and which ones are the most beneficial


Jan. 27 - Benefits of essential oils for detox and weight loss and how to use them daily as a safe alternative to other dietary weight loss supplements.


February 3: Essential Oils for Cancer 

Learn the latest research on the amazing health benefits of essential oils and how they can fight off cancer


February 10: Manage the Damage of winter on your skin – experience an ultimate facial