Janis Peri 

Janis Peri still craved more yoga practice despite practicing three times each week. Inspired by Lillian Waugh, she decided to commit herself to practicing yoga, whether at Inner Life Yoga Studio or at home, every single day for 30 days.

“I watched Lillian overcome many problems through yoga,” Janis explained. “I had high blood pressure, asthma, and suffered from depression. I needed yoga and other forms of exercise to keep my depression at bay.”

Janis took advantage of the unlimited package and attended three types of classes that had fit her needs: Beginner Yoga, 50-Plus and Gentle Yoga. Thirty days later, she couldn’t deny that the consistent yoga practice helped her exponentially.

“I had more energy, fewer problems with my asthma and ate a healthier diet regularly,” she said. “I even had a big difference in my voice as I prepared for an opera recital.”

The instructors at ILYS saw a dramatic transformation in her asana practice and in her self-confidence as the days progressed.

“I realize now that I have a lot more control over my mood and my overall health through my consistent yoga practice,” she said.